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Group Discussion Guides


General Audience Discussion Guide


The complimentary discussion guide included with Before Bethlehem

is intended for global audiences, and should help readers foster meaningful conversations, regardless of race, sex, age, ethnicity or religion.



Christian Audience Small Group Guide


The Before Bethlehem small group guide for Christian audiences is available to all readers. The content is aimed at Christian book clubs, small groups, clergy, formation leaders, retreat facilitators, academia and religious education professionals.


This guide includes an orientation for facilitators, plus discussion materials to support a four-session workshop. To request a complimentary PDF version from the publisher, please go to the Contact page and fill out the form. Be sure to include a valid email address. 



Acceptable Use


Readers who purchase a copy (hardcover, softcover or eBook) of Before Bethlehem, have the explicit permission of DreamScapes Publishing to print one copy of the Christian Audience discussion guide.  




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For a Complimentary Copy of the Small Group Discussion Guide for Christian Audiences Contact Us

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